TA/IA/Tutor Information

Spring 2017 TA information:

Your TAs along with their section time, location, and email addresses for Spring Quarter 2017 are listed below. As always, don’t hesitate to contact your TA/IA/Tutor with any questions or concerns.

TA Section Where? Office Hours Where? Email
Siwei Chen (IA) Wednesday, 4 PM  Center 217B  Thursday

10 AM – 11 AM

 1st Floor Lobby of Leichtag Building sic035@ucsd.edu
Matthew Demelo (IA) Monday, 10 AM  Center 217B  Monday

11 AM – 12 PM

 Perks mdemelo@ucsd.edu
Sho Michael Kodera (TA) Thursday, 5PM and 7 PM 5 PM: Center 220

7 PM: Center 217B


6 PM – 7 PM

 Perks  skodera@ucsd.edu
 Annee Nguyen (IA) Monday, 12 PM Center 217B  Wednesday

4 PM – 5 PM

 Middle of Muir adn008@ucsd.edu
  Bella Nguyen (Tutor)  Wednesday, 3 PM Center 217B  Monday

10 AM – 11 AM

 Revelle Coffee Cart  ben003@ucsd.edu

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