Summer Session 1 2017

Course Info

BILD 18, Human Impact on the Environment (909028)

Lectures will be in PETERSON HALL 103, Mon-Thu at 12:30-1:50pm

Section; Tu, Th 11:00am – 11:50am; The first section will be Thurs, 7/6




TA Section Where? Office Hours Where? Email
Bella Nguyen

Tu, Th



Peterson 103


M, W


T, Th


Peterson 103


Prof. Milton Saier:
Room 4254 Muir Biology Bldg., Ext. 4-4084 (858-534-4084)
Office Hours: M-Th 1:50-3:00 pm 

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1 – Our Precarious Biosphere

Lecture 2- Our Oil Addiction

Lecture 3 – The State of our Oceans

Lecture 4 – Pollution & Pollution2

Lecture 5 – Ozone: The Good and the Bad p1 & Ozone p2

Lecture 6 – Species Extinction & Conservation & The Frozen Zoo

Lecture 7 – Honey Bee Health: The Role of Pesticides

Lecture 8 – Rainforest Destruction and Preservation

Lecture 9 – The Future of AgricultureWater We Doing?

Midterm – Global Consumerism

Lecture 10 – The Paris Climate Change Situation and Storing Nuclear Waste on the Beach

Lecture 11 – Microbes, Macrobes and Bioremediation

Lecture 12 – The Hazards of Endless Rapid Growth

Lecture 13 – Supplementary Reading

Lecture 14- Why Eat Vegetarian? (Part One)

Why Eat Vegetarian? (Part Two)

Lecture 15 – Biblical Values of the Fetus: Middle Eastern and Western Thoughts

Lecture 16 – Population Silence/Women’s Fertility Rights

Lecture 17 – Darwin & The Human Animal

Lecture 18 –Millennium Development Goals and Human Conflict

Lecture 19 – Conclusions and Perspectives: Fascism



Other Topics to be discussed


Byproducts of Modern Living




Living in a McDonald’s Society

Organic Farming

End of Life Choices

Jane Roberts: Africa

John Seager: Population Connection

Deep Ancestry


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