Lecture Schedule (Syllabus) with Reading Assignments


BILD18, 2018 lecture, speaker and reading schedule

The numbers provided on the right hand side of the lecture schedule correspond to the #s of the essays in each of the two volumes. You can find them in the Table of Contents. To find the Table of Contents, click on the “Introduction”, link in the “Readings” for the volume you want. Then, from the Table of Contents, note the page number of the essay you want to read, and knowing the page number of the essay, go to that page in the readings corresponding to that volume, and lo and behold, you’ll be there! SCHEDULE LAST UPDATED: April 14, 2018

Please download the reading list directly here if you cannot read the image below.


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 3.05.50 PM.png


Lecture Slides:

Week 1

4/2/18 – Introduction

4/4/18- Milton Saier Our Precarious Earth and its Biosphere

4/6/18 – Milton Saier Our Oil Addiction

Week 2

4/9/18 – Milton Saier Pollution and Biosphere Health (Part 1 and Part 2)

4/11/18- Milton Saier Species Extinction

4/13/18- Oliver Ryder The Future of Species Conservation



Milton Saier Stratospheric and Tropospheric Ozone (O3) (Part 1) (Part 2)

Week 3

4/16/18 -Jack Paxton Water we doing?

4/18/18- Eve Simmons The State of Our Oceans

4/20/18- Tom English Biological Impacts of Climate Change

week 4

4/23/18 – Dan Garren The Psychology of Consumerism

Milton Saier The Denial of Global Warming

4/25/18- Milton Saier Darwin and the Human Animal

4/27/18- Nigel Crawford The Future of Agriculture

 week 5

4/30/18 –  James Nieh The Problem with Pesticides

5/2/18 – Oliver Ryder The Future of Species Conservation

5/4/18 – Art Elphick The Hazards of Endless Growth

week 6

5/7/18 – John Seager Inalienable: The Right Way to Meet Population Challenges in a Crowded World

5/9/18 – Midterm Exam

5/11/18 – Milton Saier Rainforest Destruction

week 7

5/14/18 – Milton Saier Vegetarianism

5/16/18- Milton Saier Vegan or Freegan: Waste and Anticonsumerism

5/18/18- Milton Saier Population Silence

week 8

5/21/18 – Milton Saier The Politics of Human and Environmental Rights: Fascism Anyone?

5/23/18- Milton Saier Women’s Fertility Rights

5/25/18- Faye Girsh Dying in America: What are the Choices?

week 9

5/28/18- Memorial Day

5/30/18- Milton Saier Microbes for Bioremediation

6/1/18- Milton Saier MDG and Human Conflict

week 10

6/4/18 – Milton Saier The Denial of Global Warming

6/6/18- Stephen Baird History of the Value of a Fetus: Middle Eastern and Western Thoughts.

6/8/18- Milton Saier Its Right to Rebel!

Extra Slides

John Seager (last year)

James Nieh (last year)

John Seager #2

Alex Landon Civil Liberties: Protecting our Human and Environmental Rights.


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